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What are your prices? 

Saga's minimum fee for a tattoo is $150. For small and medium-sized pieces, she or her assistant can usually give a quote for the entire tattoo, while larger pieces are priced by the hour at $200/hour and an estimation of time can usually be provided as the design is discussed in detail.


Is there a fee to book an appointment?

Saga requires a Booking Fee for all tattoo appointments. The booking fee is $50 dollars and goes toward the time it takes to design your tattoo as well as securing your appointment  in a high-volume booking environment.

For larger and more time consuming tattoos, a deposit may be required as well. In these cases, the deposit would be and additional $50 which would go directly toward the cost of your tattoo.


Is the booking fee or deposit refundable?

Neither are refundable as they are intended to secure your appointment and account for the time it takes to design your tattoo outside of the scheduled time of your appointment. 


If something comes up and I have to reschedule what happens to my booking fee? 

If a client gives 7 days notice to reschedule they will NOT have to pay an additional booking fee to do so. If giving less than a week's notice, another booking fee will be required to reserve a new appointment. 

When do I pay the booking fee?

In order to maintain a fair and equal booking process, everything is first-come first-served. Saga offers open spots to all of her clients until they are claimed. The first person to say “yes that works” to a particular time slot is given 7 days to pay the booking fee during which time that spot is unavailable to the public. Once the fee is paid, the spot is verified. If the booking fee is not paid within 7 days, the appointment is released and enters public availability again. This process allows all clients a fair and equal opportunity to book with Saga, regardless of the high volume of new requests.  


Do you take walk-ins?

Saga works by  appointment only and typically doesn't have space in the schedule for walk-ins. Average wait times are usually  three or more months depending on the season and volume of requests. That's not to say that openings do not happen, so it's always best to see what is available. 


Do you have a wait list for cancellations? 

No. It is best to submit a request and schedule the time that is currently available. If an opening occurs that matches your specific design needs it will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.  

I filled out a form on your booking page and haven't received a response. 

You should receive an automatic email message to confirm that Saga has received your request. If you have received that email, Saga will respond to your request as soon as she can in the order it was received. We apologize for the delayed response times in the event that they do occur. Due to the high volume of requests, average response times for new requests can be a few days to a few weeks depending on the time of year and number of requests. Replies to existing threads can be delayed as well depending on our volume of existing work. 

I  have an appointment. When can I see the design for my tattoo? 

Designs are usually sent the night before your appointment upon request. 

I already have an appointment but I changed my mind about what I want to have done. Is that okay?

While we certainly want to make sure you get exactly what you want, major changes to the concept can alter the amount of time needed for your tattoo appointment and therefore may require you to reschedule to a larger/smaller time-frame depending on the situation. More importantly, however, we just want to make sure you're positive about your concept before it's a part of you permanently. That being said, if you do want to change your tattoo concept please reach out as soon as possible so Saga can get all the information she needs to bring your idea to life. 

If you have any further questions, please fill out a "Book a Session" form and feel free to ask us! Thank you for your continued support!



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